CarTel Communications is a dynamic, well established company at the forefront of mobile communications technology. Established in 1983 CarTel has grown rapidly to become one of the Midlands leading suppliers of two-way radio, mobile data, trunked radio systems, and fleet vehicle tracking providers.

Centronet 3

Centronet 3 is a two-way radio communications network covering the West Midlands. It offers fast, cost effective voice and data transmission enabling business users to maintain close contact with their operatives. Centronet 3 offers fixed monthly subscription for all radio to radio voice communications at a significantly lower cost than comparable cellular and other trunked networks. In addition, the network integrates data and PSTN telephone interconnect giving greater flexibility of use (if required).

A network of 5 strategically placed radio sites linked together with digital microwave links provide comprehensive mobile and handportable coverage throughout the Centronet 3 coverage area. Calls can be made between office and mobiles, mobile and mobiles, and between mobiles and PSTN telephone networks, and also between groups of mobiles operating on the same radio site. In addition, simple data can be transmitted in various formats to operatives or to an office computer terminal or system.

Industry sectors using Centronet 3:-

Skip Hire, Chauffeur Hire, Couriers, Refuse Trucks, Service Industries & Bus Companies to name but a few.