CarTel Communications is a dynamic, well established company at the forefront of mobile communications technology. Established in 1983 CarTel has grown rapidly to become one of the Midlands leading suppliers of two-way radio, mobile data, trunked radio systems, and fleet vehicle tracking providers.

Mobile Data

Imagine an image of a typical mobile worker. Their vehicle dashboard covered in out of date paper documents that can take days to turnaround. Cash flow is tied up, documents cost too much to reprint, and there is uncertainty as to whether opportunities from new business won out-in-the-field are being properly actioned. Also, is all of the paperwork being returned? Are calculations correct? Are you meeting your Service Level Agreements ?

The above is the situation of many companies today, and in fact is the situation that many of our clients face.

Now imagine a better image . A mobile worker armed with a low cost PocketPC (PDA) running Barracuda. Electronic paper work is up-to date as it takes minutes to amend forms back office and issue them to the workforce. Signatures are captured electronically, and invoices could even be actioned in-the-field! New business can be captured and instantly sent back to the office to be actioned. All tasks are logged and audited.