CarTel Communications is a dynamic, well established company at the forefront of mobile communications technology. Established in 1983 CarTel has grown rapidly to become one of the Midlands leading suppliers of two-way radio, mobile data, trunked radio systems, and fleet vehicle tracking providers.

Trunked Radio

MPT1327 solutions include:- Airports, Shopping Centres, Distribution Centres, Warehouses, Local Authorities, University Campus, Railway Stations & Large Factories.

MPT 1327 Radio Networks are a reliable, proven radio technology operated worldwide in a wide range of vertical markets including public safety, transport organisations, service providers, and small organisations.

Modular design enables you to have a range of features in a system of any size which can be expanded from a single channel to a mulitisite network.

The modular design improves serviceability and high redundancy levels this minimising possible down time.

Distributed processing gives sites the intelligence to process single site calls making the system more robust, and overcoming the need for an expensive central node or switch. This reduces the initial purchase price for smaller systems.

Priority calling gives priority access to channels for users with more urgent requirements.

Emergency calls are given priority over other calls to protect life and property.

Group calling means users are connected with a minimum amount of system resource.