CarTel Communications is a dynamic, well established company at the forefront of mobile communications technology. Established in 1983 CarTel has grown rapidly to become one of the Midlands leading suppliers of two-way radio, mobile data, trunked radio systems, and fleet vehicle tracking providers.

What is MPT1327?

Imagine a bank where every cashier had their own queue and you, the customer, could not change queues. You could be standing waiting for service while a neighbouring cashier had no customers.

Placing a call on a conventional radio system can be just as frustrating. Your radio channel may often be busy while neighbouring channels are available and under-utilised.

Just as modern banks now provide access to a pool of cashiers, trunking provides access to a shared pool of radio channels. It also enables users to “jump” the queue in an extreme emergency

When you want to place an individual or group call a channel is allocated to all participants. The call takes place in private and once the call is completed, the channel is returned to the pool for others to use.

Sharing channels increases the availability of airtime to all users. The TaitNet TN1100 is the new Low Cost answer to trunked radio solutions . Call us now for an explanation on the features and benefits of an MPT 1327 Radio System.