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Walkie Talkies for Business, Schools and Stadiums

As a leading provider of business radio solutions, we at Cartel appreciate how pivotal seamless communication is across all commercial sectors. Our innovative walkie-talkies cater to a wide range of industries, promoting clear and streamlined connectivity to stand the test of even the most demanding environments. Explore the potential of dependable, customisable walkie talkies for school, business, and construction firm or event venue.

Our Range of Commercial Walkie Talkies

Walkie Talkies for Schools
Clear communication represents a core pillar of a safe, productive learning environment. Cartel’s walkie talkie allows teaching staff to collaborate clearly and swiftly, promoting confident coordination in the event of any incident onsite. Our walkie-talkie for schools boasts customisable features tailored to modern educational facilities, constituting the perfect solution for streamlined staff collaboration.

Walkie Talkie for Business
In the fast-paced business world where every second is precious, Cartel walkie talkie for business establishes a reliable channel of instant, clear contact. Whether you need to coordinate logistics, collaborate with construction teams or direct event staff, our ergonomic walkie-talkies sharpen and clarify business communication for bolstered efficiency.

Walkie Talkie for Stadiums
Stadium settings and large-scale event venues demand robust, wide-coverage communications to coordinate operations. Cartel’s rugged, heavy-duty walkie talkie for stadiums withstands noisy environments to broadcast messages clearly across your facility, enhancing spectator safety and event production. Custom-tune our reliable radio systems to your precise needs for optimized venue coordination.

Features That Set Us Apart

Innovation with Robust Reliability
Today, communication can make or break operational efficiency and safety. Cartel walkie talkies combine cutting-edge technological innovation with sturdy, rugged reliability to facilitate constant contact when you need it most. Our state-of-the-art walkie talkies facilitate crystal-clear audio clarity, taking your productivity and response coordination to new heights across various commercial settings.

Built Tough for Extended Field Use
Cartel business radios withstand challenging environments across multiple industries. Boasting resilient chassis construction and long-life batteries, our commercial walkie-talkies maintain vital connections in heavy industry settings, providing you with complete confidence when communication is key.

Tailored Solutions to Your Specifications
We appreciate that each school, business or construction firm has unique communication requirements. That’s why Cartel provides customizable radio solutions tailored to your exact operational needs. From tailored frequencies to industry-specific features, we collaborate with you to craft walkie talkies suited to your worksite’s demands.

Hassle-Free Integration
Our walkie talkies for business seamlessly integrate with your incumbent communications infrastructure. Whether you’re upgrading legacy analogue or digital radio hardware or installing a new setup, Cartel facilitates smooth, efficient transitions with minimal downtime and disruption.

Count on Cartel for Unrivalled Connectivity
Here at Cartel, our business radio solutions encompass far more than just robust walkie-talkies. We provide an enduring commitment to optimised, dependable wireless communication across your chosen sector. Explore the possibilities of enhanced connectivity across your school, commercial enterprise or venue with our adaptable systems.

Contact our team today to learn how Cartel’s tailored walkie talkie solutions can transform your communication strategy for the better. Trust Cartel technologies for a future where contact is continuous, clear and efficient.

Since 1983, CarTel Communications has been meeting the radio communications needs of the West Midlands and due to our expanding customer base we now cover the UK and Ireland.

CarTel Communications understands the importance of reliable communications in today’s business and public-safety environments. We offer the best radio communications equipment at the best possible prices as well as the best possible after sales service from some of the most qualified technicians in the area.

We use our experience to identify concerns which may impact the productivity and profitability of your business and make our recommendations for a system to best suit your needs.

Our specialist areas are:

National retail and supermarket store radio supply, after sales support and management.

On-site radio systems for logistics, warehousing, & freezer centres.

Council and Utility wide area radio systems.

MPT1327 Trunked radio systems and custom design for customers specific requirements.

Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management systems.

Mobile Data Systems.

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